Trail update

We could use snow, but we are grooming this week.  Trail base is still holding up quite well.  We will do what we can to repair as needed and add snow where we can.

Trail update

We are grooming this week.  The trail base has held up well this winter!  Yes, the snowpack gets hard, but we’ll  continue to groom it, and keep it flat.  There is some snow forecasted for our area.  See schedule.

Trail update

Temps were a little tough on the trail base this past weekend.   We will be grooming to repair and maintain this week.  We could use another shot of snow!  Grooming schedule on page 3.  Thanks.

Trail Update

We have had a lot of sleds around over the weekend!  The trail base is holding up quite well where we’ve seen it.  We will begin grooming early tomorrow morning to have the system smooth for the weekend!  Great temps forecasted!  Thanks – grooming schedule...

Friday trail update

We had quite a week!   Significant drifting, trees down and deep snow!   We also had a few minor breakdowns.  We got everything groomed except the Chippewa, Woodland, Hunt Lake loop this week.   Check website for updates.  Thanks.