Trail update

DATA Trails are closed for the season.  Thanks to all who make our system possible.  Thanks to all Landowners for allowing trails through their property. We ended up with 11 weeks of grooming, and 12 weeks of “trails open for riding”.   Great...

Trail Update

DATA trails are currently still open for now, and trail base is still pretty decent.  We received 1″-2.5″ of snow overnight (depending on specific location).   We’ll keep trails open for now, but with the temps this week, we may be closing them...

Trail/grooming update

Trails have a few bare spots on hilltops and some corners, but overall they are still in great condition and will be for the upcoming weekend. We groomed all dirt trails once this week, and several (more ridden) segments two or three times. Central lakes trail has...

Trail Update

Trails are still in great condition.  While there are some thin spots in some corners, the trail base is still doing well.   We will be grooming the entire system this week and double groom as needed.  Still plenty of snow!  Still time to go for a ride.

Grooming Update

With the warm temps Monday, and Tuesday, we had to quit grooming early those days.   We will get caught up today and tomorrow.  Grooming schedule has been modified.  Trails will be ready for the weekend!  Have fun!