Trail/grooming update

Wow do we have snow!    I shortened the mileages for the grooming runs this week.  This is due to the drifting, and plowed up road crossings.  For those who have been riding, you know that the drifts in February and March are not powdery like the drifts back in...

Grooming update

We did get 5-6″ of fresh snow yesterday!  We are out grooming. There are a few modifications to the grooming schedule for this week.  Enjoy the snow!  There’s a ton of it right now!  Thanks

Trail/ Grooming update

Wow, what a great winter!  The weather forecast looks awesome as well.  Snow predicted 3 of the next 7 days with much less wind.  We have a great snow base and there have been many out riding.  We are grooming the majority of the trail system twice this week to work...

Trail/Grooming Update

Trails are awesome!   We have great snow!  We’re hoping today’s wind doesn’t blow too much snow around.  Get out and enjoy the trails. There have been some adjustments in the schedule for Thursday and Friday grooming runs.  ...

Trail Update

Monday service day complete, and grooming runs set for the week.  We will be double grooming some of the trails this week.  Great snow out there!  See schedule.  Thanks.

Friday trail update

We had an interesting day with more minor break downs-  We did get most of what was planned groomed- except the Hunt Lake, Moon Ridge, Chip, Ida Valley loop.  We will get that loop groomed tomorrow.  Thanks.