trail update

It’s been an interesting year to schedule the grooming!   Last week- too cold to run diesel equipment.  This week, snow is too warm to pass through the grooming drags.  Welcome to MN! Anyway, we did lose some snow on Tuesday, but we still have a solid trail...

Trail update

Its been a crazy week to schedule grooming with the winds today, and low temps Thursday.  Due to strong winds today (Tuesday),  we will not be grooming.  We will be grooming the rest of the  week to get everything done though.   Check the updated schedule.

Trail update

This week, we will groom some of our system twice/the rest once.   We have some negative temps to consider again, but trails will be awesome for the most part!  We have great snow!  Grooming schedule on page 3 as always.  Have fun and be safe!

Trail update

DATA trails have awesome snow!   We have groomed 2/3 of our 372 mile system twice this week (the rest once)!    Some drifting and some snow plow banks, but overall trails are great!  Come to Alexandria and go for a ride- lots to see.  Thank a Landowner!


We have great snow!  It’s been years since we’ve had this much base to our trails!   We are grooming and widening trails this week.   We are not grooming Tuesday due to low temps.  We will still have 210 miles groomed twice/ 160 groomed once by Friday if...