Trail Update

DATA Trails are currently closed.  We are in the process of replacing faded or broken trail marking signage, and hanging our sponsor and junction signage. We should finish signing this coming week.   After that, we will begin packing cattails, and brushing wet (frozen) areas.  Groomers are ready and waiting for sufficient snowfall!  If you have gates on your property and the livestock is out for the season, you could help us out by opening up your gates to save us some time when we get to them.  Thanks everyone.

Trail update

DATA trails are closed.  The earliest they could potentially be open would be Dec 1st pending sufficient snow and ice.   Please stay off trails until further notice.

This week we are finishing up installation of wood posts, organizing signage, finishing some reroutes in town, getting grooming equipment and cattail packing equipment ready, and working on the Central Lakes Trail.


Trail update

Hello to All: The DATA trails are closed!  We will open trails as soon as our wok is done, ponds are frozen, signs are up, and deer season is over.  Our earliest opening date would be Dec 1st.  Please stay off private property unless you have permission to be there- this is how we lose sections of trail.  Early snow, no frost, damage as a result. Yes we have some early snow which is great, but please be mindful of what your out doing.  Thanks

The Staff at Lake Carlos State Park has asked that snowmobilers please be respectful by staying on designated snowmobile trails and off ski trails!

Contact us with comments or trail concerns. Our e-mail address is


To request a free map and area information please contact:

Explore Alexandria Tourism 

Alexandria Chamber of Commerce
800-235-9441 or 320-763-3161

Email for a 2021 Trail Map.


The DATA trail has been GIS mapped. To view this data, download the free version of Google Earth and open our map file.


Day Northwest Trails
Ida Valley
N Little Alps
W Little Alps
S Little Alps
E Little Alps
Hunt Lake
Moon Ridge
 Day North East Trails
North Hookup
S Inspiration
Big Ole
Long Prairie
Spruce Hill
Bare Knob
N Inspiration
Carlos State Park
Carlos Connection
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South Hookup
Villard Hookup
Head Of Lakes
2 Pole
Ready Riders
27 West-south
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Day Central Lakes
E Central Lakes
W Central Lakes
(Eagles Leg)