Trail update

Trails are open.  We will groom and repair what we can this week.  There are fields with low snow, but ditches and wooded parcels are still in good condition for riding.  We’ll do what we can this week to repair and flatten, and hope for more snow soon!  See grooming schedule on trails and map page.

Trail report

Trails are open.  This week we will repair what we can with the snow we have.  We are in need of a decent snowfall again.  See grooming schedule tomorrow.

Trail Report

Today, we will finish our remaining trails.  We have groomed everything this week as listed on the map page schedule.  Enjoy the trails and the weekend temps!  Please be respectful of the parcels you are riding, and remember it is a privilege to ride across these parcels!  Pray for SNOW!!

The Staff at Lake Carlos State Park has asked that snowmobilers please be respectful by staying on designated snowmobile trails and off ski trails!

Contact us with comments or trail concerns. Our e-mail address is


To request a free map and area information please contact:

Explore Alexandria Tourism 

Alexandria Chamber of Commerce
800-245-2539 or 320-763-3161

Email for a 2018 Trail Map.


The DATA trail has been GIS mapped. To view this data, download the free version of Google Earth and open our map file.

Grooming Schedule for the week of -1/14/2019


Day Northwest Trails
 T Ida Valley
 W Woodland
 TH N Little Alps
 TH W Little Alps
 TH S Little Alps
 TH E Little Alps
 TH Hunt Lake
 W Ottertail
 W Chippewa
 TH Moon Ridge
 Day North East Trails
 T,TH Viking
 TH Arrowwood
 TH North Hookup
 T,W S Inspiration
 W Big Ole
 W Long Prairie
 W Spruce Hill
 T Bare Knob
 W N Inspiration
 T Carlos State Park
 W Carlos Connection
Day South Trails
 T,TH South Hookup
 T, Buttermilk
 TH Villard Hookup
 W Prairie
 W Sikaso
 W Head Of Lakes
 W 2 Pole
 T Ready Riders
 T 27 West-south
 T 27 West-north
 T Runestone
Day Central Lakes
 W E Central Lakes
 TH W Central Lakes
 W Esplanade
 W (Eagles Leg)