Trail update

Hello to All,

Trails remain open for now.  We struggled with this decision for a few reasons………..We lost most of our snow from last week.  There are several areas with water on top of the ice.  We checked several of these areas and flagged off a few for riders to go around.  We are also  forcasted to get anywhere from 5-11″ of snow in the next 24 hours, so we didn’t want to close trails.   Please use caution as there will be water areas (we’re hoping it refreezes).  We will go out and mark the deeper water areas, or close trail sections.  We may or may not be grooming dirt trails again this season.  We may be grooming the Central Lakes if we get enough snow.

Trail update

Trails are still open even though it got warmer this week than predicted and is making a mess!  We had to close a section of the Bare Knob trail yesterday due to water areas in the swamp. This section is southeast of Parkers Prairie (it is possible to go around by road, as the rest of the trail is still open and does have decent snow).  We will be grooming early again today to try to get as much covered as we can before the temp gets too high.  Thanks.

Trail update

DATA Trails are open for riding.  We haven’t said that in too long!  See the schedule on “trail info and map”.  There are always some modifications due to groomer issues, but we try to stick to it if your planning a ride.  We have groomed about 260 of 370 miles at least once.   By 2 PM today should have 90 percent of the entire system done once.  The loops are on their 2nd and 3rd groom, and we’ll also try to get the Central Lakes done one more time before the weekend- sun and weather permitting.  We know we are losing snow daily (temps got even higher than expected this week), but we’re forcasted for some more snow Sunday/Monday. Thanks

The Staff at Lake Carlos State Park has asked that snowmobilers please be respectful by staying on designated snowmobile trails and off ski trails!

Contact us with comments or trail concerns. Our e-mail address is


To request a free map and area information please contact:

Explore Alexandria Tourism 

Alexandria Chamber of Commerce
800-245-2539 or 320-763-3161

Email for a 2018 Trail Map.


The DATA trail has been GIS mapped. To view this data, download the free version of Google Earth and open our map file.

Grooming Schedule for the week of –


Day Northwest Trails
Ida Valley
 Th Woodland
 M N Little Alps
 M W Little Alps
 M S Little Alps
 M E Little Alps
 Th Hunt Lake
 T Ottertail
 F Chippewa
 M Moon Ridge
 Day North East Trails
 M,Th Viking
 M,Th Arrowwood
 M,Th North Hookup
 W S Inspiration
 W Big Ole
 T,W Long Prairie
 T Spruce Hill
 T Bare Knob
 M,Th N Inspiration
 T Carlos State Park
 T,W Carlos Connection
Day South Trails
 M,Th South Hookup
 Th Buttermilk
 T,T Villard Hookup
 T Prairie
 M Sikaso
 T,T Head Of Lakes
 M 2 Pole
 W Ready Riders
 W,W 27 West-south
 W,W 27 West-north
 W,W Runestone
Day Central Lakes
F E Central Lakes
 F W Central Lakes
 F Esplanade
 F (Eagles Leg)
 M,Th YMCA Leg