Trail update

We only received 2″ from the last snowfall, but we will be going out today with the groomers and small drags to start packing trails.  We will start with the Hunt Lake, Chippewa, Woodland loop and the Arrowwood, Inspiration, Big Ole, Buttermilk, South, Viking loop.  Trails are closed for now.

Update from DATA

Our trails remain closed due to insufficient snow cover.  Current trail grooming is minimal.

This is Snowmobile safety week.  We want to remind everyone to be riding safely: keep your speed down,  ride to the right side of the trail,  wear your helmet,  keep a safe 3-4 second distance between sleds while riding in groups, stay on the designated trails, let someone know where you are going if you’re going out alone- otherwise ride with a friend, beware of culverts, sign posts, etc., and leave alcohol at home until you get back.

There will be a safety training course held on Feb. 5th & 6th at Ollies Service 111 Donna Ave, Alexandria.  Contact them to sign up- 320-763-4455.


Trail Update

We only received about 2″ of snow overnight.   Our trails remain closed for now.   We are hoping to do some grooming/packing this week with our light drags.  Snow is even marginal for that.   The blowing snow will end up in our ditches and along our fence lines for us to drag around and pack in.  We’ll keep you updated and hope to open trails as soon as we have enough snow to have tilled fields smooth, (or smoother).

The Staff at Lake Carlos State Park has asked that snowmobilers please be respectful by staying on designated snowmobile trails and off ski trails!

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To request a free map and area information please contact:

Explore Alexandria Tourism 

Alexandria Chamber of Commerce
800-235-9441 or 320-763-3161

Email for a 2021 Trail Map.


The DATA trail has been GIS mapped. To view this data, download the free version of Google Earth and open our map file.

Day Northwest Trails
Ida Valley
N Little Alps
W Little Alps
S Little Alps
E Little Alps
Hunt Lake
Moon Ridge
 Day North East Trails
North Hookup
S Inspiration
Big Ole
Long Prairie
Spruce Hill
Bare Knob
N Inspiration
Carlos State Park
Carlos Connection
Day South Trails
South Hookup
Villard Hookup
Head Of Lakes
2 Pole
Ready Riders
27 West-south
27 West-north
Day Central Lakes
E Central Lakes
W Central Lakes
(Eagles Leg)