Located midway between the Twin Cities and Fargo-Moorhead, the Douglas Area Trails Association maintains 368 miles of snowmobile trails in west central Minnesota’s Hardwood Hills and River Prairie landscapes.  With the abundance of lakes throughout Douglas County, the DATA Trails offer a combination of open flatland to heavily wooded, hilly riding opportunities. Snowmobilers often comment about the spectacular views and abundant wildlife they encounter while riding.  Every community in Douglas County is connected by trail, so you are never far from food, gas, services, or accommodations.  36 miles of our system is the blacktopped, multi-use Central Lakes Trail which connects us to Fergus Falls to the north or the St. Cloud Area to the south. The Central Lakes Trail provides quick and easy access to trails all across Douglas County.  Come to Douglas County a take a ride!  
Thank You to the people/businesses which allow us to plug the groomers in overnight during winter grooming season: Leaf Valley Mercantile, Jack Bitzan,  Joe’s Gas & Deli, Melby Outpost, DC Runestone Park, Brian Eastlund, Earl Anderson, Jason Enninga, Brothers Market- Miltona, John Wenner, Farm & Industrial Supply

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Trail Update: March 20th
We are predicted to get snow the next few days. Regardless of snowfall amounts, DATA Trails will remain closed for the year.  We have had no ice on creeks and sloughs for several weeks.  

Trail Update: February 20th
DATA Trails are closed due to lack of snow.

Trail update: Jan. 11th
We did some packing yesterday (mostly to train new operators). We knew snow was marginal at best, but we wanted to try some. Trail didn’t look so nice after we pulled the drag across. We crossed a shallow drainage 3 times and never were able to fill it. We need snow!! Trails remain closed for now.

Trail update: Jan. 6th
Douglas County did receive some snow, but not enough to open trails or begin grooming.  Trails remain closed for now.  

Trail update - Dec 23rd: DATA trails remain closed for now due to lack of snow cover. 

We want to thank those who have helped with our (18) trail reroutes this past year.  
Thanks to the following people/businesses: Becky Mayer, Jean Young, Rodney Young, Alexandria YMCA, Alexandria Light & Power,  MnDOT, Douglas County, Robert Kuhnau, Glen Wink, Brent Dekok, Jordan Trisko, Roy Roers, Chuck Debilzen, Lawrence Suchy, Brent Johnson, Duane Rau, Mike Telkamp, Brian Roers, Morton Buildings, Don & Darrell Johnson, Jessy Wicht, Darlene Obrien, Scott Anderson, Dean Wildung, William Doraska, Brad Doraska, Ryan Scott, Guy Eckola, Andrew Zicker,   Mark Johnson, Grant Minerath, Mark Lee and James Joesphs

Trail update - Dec 16th 2023
We have finished our trail reroutes, clearing, and mowing for the season.  Grooming equipment is all ready to go.  We have some swamps/cattail areas to pack down this week.  We are ready for cold weather and more snow!
Trail update. Nov 2nd 2023
We have finished mowing trails with the exception of a few small areas. Posting /sign prep/equipment prep this week and next week.  We also completed some great trail reroutes in Alexandria!  Thanks to the landowners and businesses that made those routes possible! 

Trail update -Oct 10th 2023
The DATA Crew is currently mowing and finishing trail reroutes for the upcoming winter.  

Trail update - March 31st

A reminder that Grant-in-aid (dirt) trails close for riding at midnight tonight. The central lakes blacktop trail is open for riding and to my knowledge is still 90 percent snow covered in Douglas County. 

 THANK YOU to: Property Landowners for allowing trail access and being patient through the season.  
Trail sponsors for supporting us through their sponsorship dollars. 

Map/ banner advertisers for supporting us through their ad dollars. 

 Data Members for supporting. Owners of the farms/yards where we have parked and plugged in groomers since Christmas. 

 Our local Board of Directors and Regional Directors for assisting the Data Staff for whatever it may be to assist with overall operations. 

 Law Enforcement personnel for enforcing regulations. 

 Data groomer operators for putting in extra effort /hours when we needed them to. (Remember how the season began? Downed trees from summer storms and snow covered limbs everywhere you went -worst I’ve seen in 15 years!) 

Thanks to anyone else I’ve forgotten- it’s been a fantastic season!

March 27th
Our trails are currently open for riding. Although there are some bare spots, and some icy spots, about 80 percent of our system still has medium to decent trail base. We are done grooming for the season, but trails are still smooth in most areas. Our trails will officially close midnight Friday march 31. If you get out for that last ride, please ride with respect and stay on trails. Getting permission for trails is not easy! Thanks everyone - it's been an awesome riding season! Hope you’ve enjoyed your rides!

March  21st
Trails are open and we have good snow yet.  We will be grooming in the mornings this week.  Planning on grooming about 70 percent of our trails this week. Cooler overnight temps should allow trails to hold up through this weekend easily.  

March 13th
We received 7-8" of snow over the weekend!   This is our 12th week of grooming!  What a great riding season!  We are planning to groom everything this week. Schedule may change slightly due to warmer temps predicted on Wednesday-see schedule under trail map.  Plenty of snow currently, so come to Alexandria and take a ride!  

March 6th
We will be grooming this week.  We'll try to do as much as possible later in the week (after the snow and wind Thursday).   Trail base is still good.  Still plenty of snow. More  predicted this week.  See schedule. 

Feb 27th
We will be grooming the entire system this week.  

Feb 20th
We received 2" of snow today.  More snow predicted this week along with wind.   We will do some base repair grooming tomorrow, and then wait until after the winds settle down. We plan to resume grooming early Friday morning and Saturday.  Due to the timing of this system , we will not get everything groomed this week, but will work extended hours to do as much as possible.  See schedule. 

Feb 15th
We only received an inch of snow overnight in Douglas County.   We will not be grooming this week.  Trails are still open for riding. 

Feb 13th
We are predicted rain/ snow mix tomorrow (Changing  to all snow  Tuesday ).   We will see what we get and plan grooming from there this week.  We have lost some snow base, but still enough snow/base  to ride. 

Feb 10th
We've completed our grooming runs for the week. We did lose some snow this week, but  after talking to all my operators, we agreed that 85 percent of the trails are still in good to great condition for the weekend.  Blacktop areas close to towns and pastures are melting some, but overall still good snow for the weekend.  We’ll see what next week brings.  Enjoy. 
Feb 6th
We will be grooming entire system this week. See schedule. 

Jan 31st
We will be doing some grooming this week, but it will be limited due to mornings temps.  Trails have held up well all winter and are still in great condition.  See schedule below our map.  
Jan 23rd
We are grooming this week.  Although no significant snowfall  in Douglas County for a few weeks, still plenty of snow and good trail base.   Heavier ridden spots are a bit thin, but overall trails are in good to great condition.  See grooming schedule below map.  
Jan 17th 
We are grooming this week. We only got an inch of snow this week so far, but trails are holding up well.  My operators all said this morning-still plenty of snow to roll through the drags.  See grooming schedule below map.  Thanks!  
Jan 8th
Monday Jan 9th was equipment service day   
Groomers will all be going out this Tuesday-Friday.  

Jan 2 nd
Three groomers went out today.  Hoping to have all 4 going the rest of the week - all with large trail master  drags on.  Lots of snow.  Trails should be nice after this round.  

Dec 29th
All four groomers have been out the past three days.  We are using our light drags this week.  We have still been unhooking drags as necessary.  Lots of snow!  We feel like we are getting caught up some- we'll keep moving groomers.  Nice temps help!   Trails are getting better each day.  Next week - large drags - better grooming.  Thanks. Ride safe. 

Dec 27th
Groomers are out.  See schedule. 

Dec 23rd
Happy Holidays from the Staff and Board at DATA Trails! Trails are open (except KOAK)  however we will not resume grooming until Tuesday due to weather/ holidays. We have been busy with packing/ tree removal and grooming this past week to have as much of the system open as possible. We're excited for warmer weather this coming week, and  a great riding season!  

Dec 21st
All trails open except for koak.  
We will finish terracing the south and northwest trails today.   The northeast trails have been groomed once except for bare knob.  We are doing what we can with the weather and conditions.   Ice thickness has improved tremendously of course.  With the amount of ice/snow/weight on the trees they continue to break and fall. We are still encountering trees down daily.   Ride slowly and safely.    

Dec 17th
We terraced and packed in road crossings today on hunt lake, woodland, north hookup, 2pole, sikaso, north inspiration, and spruce hill today.   Moon ridge and koak trails are closed.  

Dec 16th
Alex-villard trail and Ottertail trail is open.   Moon ridge and koak still closed due to thin ice.   We started terracing today on Viking, south, arrowwood, north hookup, Ymca, and  Carlos park.  
Dec 15th
Data trails are open except for: moon ridge,  Ottertail, koak, and Alex-villard.   There is a combination of bad ice, or trees down on these 4 trails.  Use caution while riding as you will encounter low tree limbs due to the ice weighing them down.  There may be a few gates not open  as well.  
We will begin packing with our groomers tomorrow.   We have  from 8"-12" of snow.   Thanks.  Ride right, ride safe.  

Dec 14, 2022
3-4" of snow overnight- not enough to open trails yet.   We will go out and finish packing swamps today.  We have 7 trails left to go.  Hoping to get enough snow to open trails after tomorrow's snowfall.  
Dec 13, 2022
We are packing sloughs- currently about 60 percent done.  We will see how much snow we get today and Wednesday.  We may be able to open the trails that we have packed. We'll keep you updated.  
Dec 7, 2022
Douglas. County received 3-4” of snow today.   DATA trails are closed for now.  We are packing sloughs (there is limited ice) but  hoping to be able to open trails with the next significant snowfall. 
Sep 20, 2022
We are busy clearing trails and cutting trees!  There are more trees down in Douglas County than we have seen in several years due to the summer storms.   We’ll be ready for snow though!  We have about 70 miles finished so far.
Mar 17, 2022
DATA Trails are closed for the season.  Thanks to all who make our system possible.  Thanks to all Landowners for allowing trails through their property. 
We ended up with 11 weeks of grooming, and 12 weeks of “trails open for riding”.   Great season!!