Trail and Grooming Update

We will be grooming the entire system this week.  We will attempt to have it groomed by mid- day Thursday as the temps will get warm.  See schedule below/map page.


Anyone interested in going on a guided trail ride can meet at the Douglas County Fairgrounds at 9 AM this Wednesday the 18th.  For more info call Earl Anderson at 320-760-0780.

DATA Trails are open

DATA Trails are open

Hello to All,

The DATA Trails are open.  We groomed about 80 percent of our system this week.  Many of the trails have since blown in with snow, but it was good to begin packing a base, knocking down dirt chunks, and filling in holes.  That being said, the trails are not extremely smooth yet, so watch your speed and ride with care.  Also, be cautious while crossing swamps/cattails as there are still some thinner ice areas (I flagged off 2 areas today which we need to bypass entirely).  It would help us out if you rode on the edges of those cattail areas to assist with packing down the snow.  Please stay on marked trails and don’t cut corners.

We will hook up to our larger drags next week to do a more thorough job grooming.  Have fun and be sure to email us with comments.  Be safe. Thanks.

trail update

The DATA “dirt” trails are closed.  The Central Lakes Trail is open for riding, although there are stretches of bare blacktop.  We groomed it yesterday (Jan. 5th), and where the trail is sheltered by trees or grass, there’s OK snow.  In open spots the wind blows it off- however we groomed the edges so there is a fair spot to ride the edge.  We will be going out with our groomers and light drags the next several days to do what we can.  It’s challenging as we cannot cross most ice areas with groomers yet, and it’s not easy to turn them around on a 12-14 foot wide trail.  we realize people want to ride, so we’ll do what we can.  The goal is to have all trails open and safe (ice thick enough) for riding by Jan. 13th.  I’ll update as there are more changes.  Thanks.

Trail update

As for the trails…… they are still closed.

The temps have been the biggest issue. We did get a week of cold weather back in the 2nd week of Dec I think it was. The problem is, the snow we got all blew into the cattail areas, and it’s been a bear trying to get across them!!!!! This is what most folks dont understand. They are wondering why we don’t have trails open, because there is people driving on the lakes? In open water situations, the ice is fair- 3″ to as much as 10″. If you attempt to cross a slough ( ask any pheasant hunter) you can’t get to the good ice in most cases. You walk down into 10-25 inches of snow, break through, and then go down into water. This has been the worst year for packing sloughs that I can remember since 2008. We will continue to work on routing around some of these sloughs where possible. The ATV’s with tracks have been a huge help. The J wheels still go down and get stuck in the snow- they don’t float over snow like the tracks do. We have been through 90 percent of the sloughs once. We need to go back to repack several as we broke through and turned around.

Grooming: Groomers are ready. We could groom and open just the CL trail if we get another 4-6 inched on Monday, but the rest of the trails must remain closed until ice improves. With the exception of the northern Clubs, most other Clubs in central Mn have their trails closed also as far as I know.  Feel free to email me with comments  Thanks

Trails are still Closed! December 23rd., 2016

Trails are not open for the season.  We are packing down our cattail and slough areas of which we have many.

Although there is sufficient snow in these low areas, there is very little ice below it.  Therefore, trails remain closed until we can get them packed down so they freeze better.  We currently have about 70 percent of the sloughs packed, and have broken through the ice on almost all of them – need more cold temps!

I know we have anxious snowmobilers, and we will inform you as soon as the trails open up. Thank you for your patience.

stateLocated midway between the Twin Cities and Fargo-Moorhead, the Douglas Area Trails Association maintains 368 miles of snowmobile trails in west central Minnesota’s Hardwood Hills and River Prairie landscapes.  With the abundance of lakes throughout Douglas County, the DATA Trails offer a combination of open flatland to heavily wooded, hilly riding opportunities. Snowmobilers often comment about the spectacular views and abundant wildlife they encounter while riding.  Every community in Douglas County is connected by trail, so you are never far from food, gas, services, or accommodations.  36 miles of our system is the blacktopped, multi-use Central Lakes Trail which connects us to Fergus Falls to the north or the St. Cloud Area to the south. The Central Lakes Trail provides quick and easy access to trails all across Douglas County.  Come to Douglas County a take a ride!



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